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Conventional Hydra 14 Pick & Carry Crane Intro


Our Mobilift Type Hydra Cranes are built for tuff Africa conditions, are uncomplicated to use and offer the best safety features as standard. Toma Equipment supports all its cranes with qualified support personnel and extensive spare parts availability.


Lifting Capacity (Free on wheels)

• 14 Tonnes

Operating Weight (Total)

• 10750 Kilograms. (For 3 Part – 10.07 Metres.)


Simpson S-433, Four Cylinder, Water Cooled Diesel Engine, Water Cooled Diesel Engine Rated power 50 BHP @ 2200 RPM, BS-III (CEV) Emission norms.


Heavy duty transmission developed specially for crane application. Constant Mesh, helical teeth gearbox coupled with direct axle. 8 forward & 2 reverse speeds with high and low selector lever. Travel Speed 29 Kmph – restricted as per safety norms (without load) Creep Speed 1.9 Kmph – Ideally suited for crane operations (with load)


• Single plate, heavy duty dry friction type clutch plate especially designed for crane application


• Front & rear axles is rigidly mounted on the chassis


• Two wheel Drive with Top Speed (No Load on Smooth Surface) of 29 KMPH or 1.9KMPH Creep Speed with Load

Hydraulic System

Main Pump

• Vane type main hydraulic pump

Valve Bank

• Four spools control valve with built in pressure relief valve for precision handling.


• Suction line has 100 mesh size strainer while return line is fitted with 25 micron full flow filter


• Two double acting lift cylinders, two double acting steering cylinders and one double acting extension cylinder



• Pneumatically assisted hydraulic brakes. Front and rear brakes are actuated through a single pedal


• Parking brake mechanically actuated through rear wheels


• Articulated power steering, hydraulically controlled through two double acting jacks Up to 56º on either side 6.5 m
• Turning Radius 6.5m with Lock to Lock Speed 6-10 Seconds

Electrical System

• 12V. Negative earth with 35 Amp. Alternator and 88 Amp hr. battery

Telescopic Boom

• Telescoping Heavy duty, Three part box type hydraulically operated

Cycle ranges and times

• Telescoping Out 9-12 Seconds, In 7- 9 Seconds
• Boom Luffing Range 2° to + 60°
• Boom Luffing Time Lowering 14-18 Seconds
• Boom Luffing Time Raising 18-22 Seconds


Winch (12T Line Pull) is driven by hydraulic motor employing 4 falls of 13 mm diameter non rotating rope and fitted with self-adjusting hook block.

Hoist Speed:

• 55 Metres./Min. (Single Line speed)



• Front 11.00 x 20 – 16 PR (4 Nos.) Inflation Pressure 110-115 PSI
• Rear 13.00 x 24 – 12 PR (2 Nos.) 35 PSI With Water Ballasted


• Front Wheel Track 1930mm to Centre of twin wheels
• Rear Wheel Track 1680mm to Centre of wheels

Fluid Capacities

• Fuel Tank: 45.00 Litres.
• Hydraulic Tank: 65.00 Litres.
• Engine: 8.00 Litres.

Standard Equipment

• All Weather Cabin
• Front Bumper tyre protector
• Turn & Reverse Lights
• Front and rear work lights.
• Reflectors Front & rear view mirror.
• Tool kit.
• Rear View Mirror
• Wiper motor
• Gauges
o Water Temperature
o Engine oil pressure
o RPM meter cum hour recorder

Standard Safety Features

• Avalon Load Moment Indicator for Pick & Carry Cranes – KOPS + CC
• Audio overload indication
• Hose failure protection
• Safety brakes on hoist
• Cylinder guards
• Rope Compensation for auto levelling
• Reverse Hooter

Optional Equipment

• Fly jib 2.3 m.
• Steering Wheel steering in lieu of Lever type
• Over Hoist hydraulic cut-off
• Fire extinguisher
• Beacon Light
• Spare Wheel
• Air Conditioning
• Wheel Chocks
• 25% Tint Windows
• Tool/ Sling Box
• We offer a full Range of certified standard slings, beams, grabs and lifting attachments as well as able to produce customised solutions for your application

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