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Control circuit for a hydraulic press


This project was given to me as a word problem. In brief, the parameters were a switch to feed power to the control circuit, a button to start the pump, and two handed operation of the press to move downward only. Two handed operation is a safety feature so the operator cannot get her hands in the way of the ram.

I added a pressure switch on the pump as a safetly feature. If there is insufficient pressure to open the up and down solenoid, none of the control circuitry will function after the motor is turned on.

The ram is supposed to go down ONLY as long as the buttons are BOTH being pressed. When the ram hits its lower limit (ie-punches through the material) the control circuitry takes over and raises the ram to its upper limit so the system can be reset and the next piece can be positioned for the punch.

Included here are a video of the operation of the project. I used a generic cabinet to wire it, so it’s a little bit confusing to understand at first, as I didn’t get to position buttons, switches, and lights exactly as I would have chosen to had I had to build a real, functioning system. But I think you can get the idea.

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