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Common Rail Injector Puller Fixture with 10T Hydraulic Ram Option


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The GT-114 is fully universal and adjusts up and down, left and right, fore and aft. This tool comes as a 4-post pulling fixture that will center over the top of common rail injectors and provide a compact pulling force to remove stuck injectors. The pulling fixture can also be used in a 3-post fashion if the technician needs to triangulate over what needs to be pulled. This tool will adapt to any style valve cover fasteners. This tool can be used in it’s manual version (GT-114-1500) as well as with the hydraulic option (GT-114-2500). The hydraulic option comes with a 10T ram (GT-114-2500).

Common rail injectors usually leak at the copper sealing washer against the cylinder head inside the injector bore of the head. This narrow bore begins to fill with diesel ash once the copper sealing washer begins to leak. The diesel ash then binds the injector in the cylinder head making extraction of the injector very difficult.

As a consequence of that, stuck injectors make removing the cylinder head virtually impossible. Because the injectors pass through the valve cover into the injector bore of the cylinder head when the injector cannot be removed the technician cannot access the head bolts to remove the head. This gives the technician only two choices, either you literally break the valve cover away with a big hammer, chisel, and saw or you remove the engine.

This dilemma makes a 0 injector and a 1 hour pay into a +00 dollar problem with a week of downtime.

The manual version (GT-114-1500) uses an array of pulling spindles that attaches to the top of the injector and as you turn the nut against the pulling fixture the force will extract the injector. These pulling spindles are injector specific and will match corresponding brands of injector manufacturers. All these choices of spindles are available separately depending on your specific application.

These same pulling spindles are used with the 10T hydraulic ram (GT-114-2500). The ram is installed over the spindle and the nut is hand tightened. Simply attach the hose and pump to the ram and begin to apply force.

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