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Bullseye Eb2 Folding Electronic Kit


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Bullseye Folding Electronics Kit. Component for easy to use, simple one-touch Rv leveling. With patented, Power head technology, offers components for both vertical and for Class A, C, Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels. Features: stays in place and remains until it is disengaged, even during long-term storage. Just set it and forget levels at the of a button. There’s No hydraulic fluid, springs to break, or hoses to install. is easy on you and on the environment. can be installed and used on any model and year A, C, trailer, or fifth wheel. is the only with that allows it to effectively lift and hold the largest Rvs without using hydraulics. Comes with a full 3-year warranty on parts and labor, and a nationwide service network. contains controller module, pad panel, and wire harness package consisting of front harness, rear connecting wire, ignition and parking brake wires. Ground and 6-gauge battery not included.

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