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Bosch Rexroth Service Center in Dallas/Ft. Worth presented by Womack Machine Supply Co.


Womack Machine Supply is proud to offer Bosch Roxroth products and services.

At Rexroth’s Service Center in Dallas, we take customer satisfaction seriously. We have streamlined our repair process for hydraulic pumps, motors and valves to ensure minimum delay getting your products rebuilt and shipped back to you.Our goal is to make sure that your re-manufactured Bosch Rexroth product provides you the same performance that you would expect from a new one.

Once your unit is logged into our system, it is inspected by our trained service technicians to determine the level of wear or damage. To ensure the highest quality at a fair price, the units are then completely stripped down and all components are evaluated to see what needs to be replaced. Contamination is the most common problem we see. It can cause scoring to the barrel and lens, along with excessive wear to the piston shoes. However, maintaining clean oil and implementing a preventative maintenance plan will greatly extend the life cycle of your product. After evaluation, a quote is sent to you for a test of each unit and a complete rebuild. When we receive your purchase order, the product is retrieved from our storage area and all reusable parts are cleaned and then put through our high-pressure/high-temperature washer to remove any remaining contamination. The product is then moved to the assembly area where it is reassembled with any new Bosch Rexroth parts.

Time is taken to make sure that every stage of the operation meets the specifications and tolerances defined by the factory specifications. Once the product has been rebuilt to specification, it is tested on our custom-built test stand to ensure that it matches the same performance curve as when it was originally manufactured. Finally, it is cleaned, painted, packaged and ready to ship back to you.

The re-built units serviced in our facility come with a full one-year factory warranty. You will get the same performance from our re-built units that you would expect from a brand-new Bosch Rexroth product. Here at the Dallas Bosch Rexroth Service Center, we look forward to servicing all your needs in the future.

For more information on Bosch Rexroth’s Products and Services, call 469-909-8517 or visit

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