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Bobcat lift tilt not working actuator repair AHC


The lift function of my bobcat stopped working. The left joystick was blinking 5 blinks on the left LED, and all the service manual said was to replace the AHC actuator. Once I fixed it, the left joystick was blinking 2 blinks on the left joystick and the service manual said to calibrate actuator, which I did to 1.72V, although I didn’t realize this until I was finished making the video. Note that calibration of the actuator means that the actuator is removed from the machine, disassembled and the potentiometer gear rotated so the output voltage reads 1.72V when the actuator is 0.114″ into the end.

Some pictures and video of fixing a bobcat 863F lift tilt actuator with AHC – advanced hand controls. This bobcat has a metal cased AHC controller. The machines with the plastic case may be different. The video also shows how to replace the spool seal on the lift actuator. Note that I was not able to easily slide the spool out of the back of the hydraulic manifold (it was running into a hard hydraulic line), so I only changed the front seal. The rear seal wasn’t leaking, but I’m sure it will start now that I didn’t change it!

The Bobcat AHC actuator part number is 7104842 for the old style AHC controller.
The globe motor part number located inside the actuator is 403A851

The newer actuator part number is 7101672 which is for use in machines that have a plastic AHC controller housing. That actuator sounds like it’s the same, but when assembled they set the position of the linear actuator to be flush with the end of the actuator instead of inset 0.114″ when the potentiometer voltage reads 1.72V (thanks to Ed for this info).

I see that these two types of actuators are used on a number of models:

A300 S100 S130 S150 S160 S175 S185 S205
S220 S250 S300 S330 S450 S510 S530 S550
S570 S590 S595 S630 S650 S740 S750 S770
S850 T110 T140 T180 T190 T250 T300 T450 T550 T590 T630 T650 T740 T750 T770 T870

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