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BMW VVT Vanos Replacement


BMW VVT Vanos Replacement

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The Vanos system is BMW’s answer to variable valve timing. It is an electro hydraulic system and it also often needs maintenance.

The later-model six-cylinder engines have a mechanism that allows for variable advancing of the camshaft timing. We recomend
watching our other Vanos video. The VANOS unit is an electromechanical unit that uses a hydraulic piston to rotate the
camshaft timing at higher rpm. This unit is controlled electronically by a solenoid connected to the engine management system
DME, also called ECU.

Here we will show you how to replace the Vanos solenoid and hydraulic hose, which is often ignored as a standard repair. The VANOS unit is hydraulically operated using…

Get the whole story right here in this video…Enjoy…

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