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Before replacing your car’s clutch, check the master / slave cylinder. Could Save Big $$.


Before replacing your car’s clutch, check the master / slave cylinder. Could Save Big $$.
On the way to work one day I noticed that my clutch pedal was softer than usual.
Over time, the clutch pedal got softer, spongier, and it was harder to shift gears.
The clutch would engage or disengage about 4 inches off the floor, then it was 3 inches, then 2 inches, finally 1 off the floor and I couldn’t shift into first gear and all the other gears were very tight and there was some grinding.

My first thought was that I was going to have to spend at least 450 bucks to replace the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing.
Basically, all the things that you’d need replace for a clutch job.
After some thought and research, I realized it was either the clutch slave or
clutch master cylinder.

Here’s why-
When I was able to shift gears, there was NO slipping, grinding, whining, and the gears shifted easily.
If you have slipping, grinding, whining and the it’s hard to get into gear, you may need a clutch. Provided your clutch pedal is acting like usual.

But you should check fluid levels in the clutch master / slave cylinders.
If the fluid is low add some to it, look for leaks.
If you add fluid and it goes away, chances are you have a leak.
That may be the cause of your problem.
It is possible that you may have to adjust the clutch cable.
That wasn’t the case for me. The cable was fine and still tight.
I’ve been pretty vague on actual specifics in this video.
It’s more for general information. Or really basic troubleshooting.
It’s something to check before you commit to a new clutch..
My repair was 30 bucks, Not 450 Bucks!
Very happy about that!

Anybody else ever replaced a clutch master / slave cylinder?

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