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Beacon World Class – Ground Lift Table – 800-454-7159


Beacon BEHLTG series Ground Lift Table.
The Beacon Ground Lift Table lowers 1/2 inch to the floor for quick loading and unloading and is designed for use when a fork truck is not available. Pallets are loaded onto the Pallet Lifting Table with pallet trucks and then raised to an ergonomic working height. The units have a 1/2″ lowered height and 48″ maximum raised height and have decks 44″ to 72″ wide. Actual lengths available range from 50″ to 72″. Capacities of 2,000 or 4,000 lbs. Foot pedal or hand controlled, they are used to compensate for uneven heights, making the workplace more ergonomically efficient. Two hydraulic cylinders control the vertical deck movement. Enclosed motor is remote and can be located with the standard hydraulic hose up to 8′ away. Additional hose length is available as an option. Constructed of high-quality steel.

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