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BCTHS – Mechatronics Engineering Technologies


Mechatronics introduces students to state-of-the art technology that is used in today’s high-technology manufacturing industries. Integrated Systems Technology will prepare students for post high-school education and/or future occupations by giving them career, business, and technical knowledge. Students aspiring to become engineers and technicians will learn the essential skills needed to prepare for the high-performance manufacturing workplace of the twenty-first century.

Students will perform activities and become familiar with the areas of Industrial Design, Quality Systems, Electrical and Mechanical Support Systems, Automation and Robotics. Activities in electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and Robotic systems will be included. Students will learn techniques of automated material handling and manufacturing processes through hands-on activities in programming robots, conveyors and other material handling devices. Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines will be incorporated. Industrial Design includes use of advanced 2D and 3D CAD as well as parametric design software. Graduates can become Engineering technicians or study for a degree Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

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