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Arizona Copper Mining 3/3 – 221621-02


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Title: “There are more than 300 miles of tunnels & drifts…” POV into mine tunnel; men moving cart across; dumping ore car & riding on thru fire door. Men working; past sign: “Hang powder sack here.” POV into side tunnel & miner operating drill. Descending down small shaft into spur tunnel & man drilling.
04:06:21 “Title: “The tunnels are being continually extended.” Miner & small horizontal drill in rock face w/ many holes. Miners removing drill.
04:07:07 Title: “Loading holes w/ dynamite & blasting.” Placing sticks & pushing in, fuses hanging. Cutting & attaching fuses; lighting, smoke.
04:08:22 Title: “A water spray keeps down the dust.” Water spray turned on as men leave.
04:08:39 Title: “Loading machines have replaced hand shoveling.” Small hydraulic loader loading bucket car. Men turning & dumping loaded cart into chute; return cart.
04:09:37 Title: “The walls are sprayed w/ cement to prevent scaling.” Pressure spraying using large hose.
04:09:55 Title: “Connecting shafts & “winzes” are sunk, w/o blasting, by a huge core drill…” 4 or 5 ft. diamond (?) bit on cart inspected by miner. Lowered & shaft turning bit. Drill raised & core material removed.
04:11:21 Title: “The ore is mined in chambers, or stopes, that are driven upward from the tunnels.” Men working on cribbing in chamber opened over tunnel; material dumped down chute onto cart. Men drilling from platform into upper wall. CU attaching fuse to dynamite stick & putting into hole; other fuses hanging. Man lighting fuses as assistant holds spare punk; leaving
.04:13:51 Title: “The broken ore is scraped into chutes…” View of large stope / chamber w/ temporary roof supports & man working w/ pick beside bucket on cable scraping rock.
04:14:36 Title: “When empty, the stopes are filled w/ waste rock…” POV on track, men dumping carts.
04:15:03 Title: “The waste is planked over, and a new cut is started.” Men drilling above angled planking.
04:15:27 Title: “The ore in the chutes…” Dumping into small carts, man pushes out cart.
04:15:45 Title: “- hauled to the ore pocket at the shaft -” Small electric engine pulling carts over chute & two men dumping.
04:16:15 Title: “- hoisted to bins at the surface -” Buckets up & down elevators past platform. Ext. mill head tower w/ cables & buckets dumping into conveyor.
04:16:59 Title: “- from which it is drawn off into railroad cars -” RR cars filled from chute.
04:17:13 Title: “- which go to the smelter.” Steam engine past pulling long train of cars of ore.
04:17:39 Title: “This picture is from the film library of the Bureau of Mines… Presented in cooperation w/ Phelps Dodge Corporation. The End.

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