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APIS-02-H Hydraulic Corner Crimping Machine.mp4


Designed for 90 degrees corner joining of aluminum profiles with hydraulic system, pneumatic clamping system with a maximum pressing force of 5000 kg (11,000 lbs).

The machine has been designed in accordance with CE, UL and CSA Safety Directives.

Clamping is pneumatic, crimping tool movement is hydraulic.

Height of pressing knives, movement of hydraulic pistons and height of profile is millimeter scaled and adjustable.

Automatic centering of profile is achieved with pneumatically operated profile centering set square and eccentric leaner.

Equipped with powerful hydraulic system.
Operated via foot pedal for pneumatic clamps and profile pressing.

In order to protect profile’s surface friction surface is made of Polyamide plate

Standard Equipment
* Conveyors 2 unit
* Crimping tools 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm (2 pieces)
* 4 mm Allen wrench
* 5 mm Allen wrench
* Air gun
* User’s manual

Optional Equipment
* Special crimping tools

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