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Another Blown Hydraulic Line on the Excavator


Another Blown Hydraulic Line on the Excavator

Well I blew another line to my final drive. This time on the opposite side, but the same big hose. At least this time I know what to do, and was smart enough to plan the repair. I knew exactly what shield to pull off and had the hose off in less than an hour, probably more like 30 minutes. I put down the sheets of plywood to work on so I wasn’t slopping around in the mud.

The fitting in the belly of the machine broke loose easy, but the ones down on the final drive are always harder. I had to stand on the wrench with my full body weight, then press my back against the machine and basically leg press down on the wrench. But I got that sucker off!

Now to a shop to get it rebuilt and should have it back on in a day or so.

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