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Airless Paint Sprayer TECNOVER mod. TR15000F for heavy products


Technical data:
– Electric motor in accordance with CE regulations
– Power: Singlephase Kw 2,2 V.230/50 Hz or Threephases Kw 2,2 V.380/50Hz
– Noise level in accordance with CE regulations
– Max pressure: 220 Bar
– Delivery rate: 13 lt/min
– Max nozzle size: 0,45″
– Delivery head: 80 mt

Today we would like to show you one of our more versatile Airless Paint Sprayers: Tecnover mod. Testarossa Superquindicimila.
Due to its high working pressure (max 220 Bar) and flow rate, more jobs can be completed in less time using less labor.
One of the strong points of Airless paint sprayer TECNOVER mod. Testarossa Superquindicimila is its delivery head of 80 mt. which permits you to save time not having to move the pump during the job.
The pump is equipped with stainless steel head so to better resist to the wear of abrasive products like quartz paints.
You can use two spray guns simultaneously (each one having max nozzle with size 0,23″).
The electric motor is connected to the hydraulic body by a flange so it is easier to change it and it is possible for the user to have single-phase motor or three-phases one simply connecting the preferred version without having to buy a brand new complete pump.
Airless paint sprayer can be used for a wide range of coating materials: from building (including interior and exterior jobs) to carpentry and industry.
The products you can spray are: enamels, varnishes, primers, rust protections, distempers, emulsion paints, quartz paints, encapsulating products for asbestos, flame retardants, latex, resins, oils and many more.
When equipped with the gravity tank of lt.30 the pump can spray also heavy products like stucco (for Airless systems use) or thixotropic ones.
When the product to be applied has particular density or viscosity, such as intumescent paints or plasters, it is necessary to equip the airless pump with a gravity tank in place of the intake system.
Our models are designed to facilitate this operation: in fact the head is disposed in vertical so for mounting it all you have to do is screwing the tank on the suction valve.
As a further accessory we have designed a special version of the same intake valve that has a shutter release button, thus avoiding having to empty the tank to free the seat.
Our tank has a capacity of 30 liters and is made of powder coated metal for greater strength compared to conventional plastic containers.
Please note that the central position of the tank on the trolley enables the operator to easily move the pump with the product.


– TR15000F Professional Airless sprayer TECNOVER mod. Testarossa Superquindicimila
– Suction system with stainless steel filter
– Pressure gauge
– Vibration dumping hose
– Steel braided HP Hose diam. 1/4″, WP 300 Bar, length 10 mt.
– Professional Airless spray gun mod. B500
– Extension for spray gun cm.50
– Replaceable reversible Zip Tip nozzle

All this is guaranteed by TECNOVER, a leading manufacturer with 30 years of experience in this market, assuring you quality and durability on its Airless spray painting equipment.

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