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Air hydraulic floor pit jack with telescopic cylinder


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Air hydraulic floor pit jack running in rails. Slim and compact design with traversing ram

Traversing ram ensures a wide reach under the vehicle and enables the mechanic to move freely back and forth in the pit

Base frame wheels fitted with bearings for optimum manoeuvrability

Ideal for dismounting and re-mounting of gearboxes

Rapid and precise air hydraulic unit with high speed ram travel

Built-in manual foot pump for easy and precise adjustment

Foot operated leaving hands free

Dead man’s release and overload valve for optimum safety


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AC Hydraulic offers a unique and modern range of air-hydraulic pit jacks for professional workshops.

Like all other products from AC Hydraulic, our pit jacks are 100 per cent Danish products and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The jack wheels are provided with ball bearings which ensure a simple and optimal manoeuvrability.

The S model is equipped with a cylinder that can be slid sideways, which ensures a large radius under the vehicle.

At the same time the technician has plenty of elbowroom, and it is easy to move around in the pit.

All models are equipped with foot pedals so that the hands are left free.

The quick and precise air-hydraulic mechanism with a rapid up/down motion ensures an efficient work routine.

The lifting capacity is 15 tonnes with a 1285 mm stroke and a lifting height of 2200 mm.

An extra advantage is the built-in manual foot operated pump for precise adjustment when removing and reinstalling transmissions.

The jack can be lowered quickly and precisely with or without load.

Moreover, you can purchase the following accessories separately:
• A V- or U-saddle for lifting underneath various shafts

• Cross beam adaptors so that the shafts or differential of the vehicles may hang freely.

• Our model with hand-wheel enables ergonomically correct and time-saving adjustments from the pit

• All extensions and saddles can be installed on the traverses

• Gearbox saddle which may be tilted for precise removal and installing of gearboxes

o The gearbox saddle is fitted with 2 straps and 4 magnetic rubber support blocks

• Adjustable support bridges which may be adapted to all pits for safe and stable support of the vehicle

The S model is adjusted to the actual pit width and runs on rails in the pit floor.

The F and U models are placed freely in a pit or on the workshop floor under a lift.

The F model is designed with a fixed cylinder while the S and U model has a traversing cylinder.

All models are ideal for traditional lifting operations.

AC Hydraulic offers a wide selection of pit jacks for all lifting jobs!

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