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6- Basis of calculating Hydraulic system


Basis of calculating Hydraulic system

Introduction to Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems. Basic Components. Symbols – (Including fundamentals of fluid flow, fluids etc.) Hydraulic valves General Purpose+Servo valves + Proportional Control Valves, Hydraulic pumps/motors/actuators, Hydrostatic Transmission Systems, Development of hydraulic circuit + basic design + analysis, Regenerative and similar circuits, Control systems, Mechatronics & Electro-hydraulics devices in Fluid Power, Hybrid Hydro-Mechanical Systems, Fundamentals of compressible fluid flow & pneumatic device, Pneumatic valves, Pneumatic Actuators, Pneumatic Circuits & Systems, Fluid Logic, Application of Hydraulics & Pneumatics in industrial Automation, Special topics on Hydraulics & Pneumatics.

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