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2007 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD 5.9L Diesel Laramie Brake Tube Leak Diagnosis


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This is a problem that began about three weeks ago and I haven’t nailed down the problem. The first symptom was squishy brakes. This points to several problems, such as a bad brake booster, poor vacuum, air in the line, low fluid. I didn’t notice any fluid on the ground but I did notice a 1/3 drop in the brake fluid reservoir. It must be a leak. Yesterday, I noticed a puddle of fluid on the ground directly under the brake line fittings.

With my wife’s help and my GoPro I was able to catch this on video. The brake tube is leaking. It is the tube that connects the ABS Hydraulic Control Unit to the Brake’s Master Cylinder. I zoomed the video in and slowed it down 25% to allow you to see the pinhole leak.

I used a stop-gap solution of silicone rubber self-fusing tape until I get the replacement part. The part number was specified with a label on the tube as 55366057AC; however, this part number is not found anywhere. It must have been replaced.

I did find this parts diagram by searching for “HCU,Lines And Hoses,Brake,Front”:

Equipment used in filming:
– This was filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Black in 4k video format:
– Using the Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod:
– GoPro Cosmos Standard Frame Mount Housing:
– Bestlight USB Port 20 LED Ring Shooting Night Flash Light for GoPro Hero4:
– SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSDXC Class 10 Memory Card:
– The Cosmos open frame case allowed the GoPro Hero4 to capture the audio using the built-in microphone.
– The Bestlight LED Ring allowed for better lighting in an otherwise dark condition. The Bestlight LED Ring was powered by a Splash USB battery power source.
– The Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod allowed me to capture the video from different positions by attaching the tripod with the magnets or the articulated legs.

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