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2001 Neon XVIII: Replace passenger side engine mount


In this video series I take you from breaking the engine down to the point of removing the cylinder head and then reassembling the engine.

As I up load the other videos in this series I will add in the descriptions which parts contain what information.

Part I: This video shows you how to jack up the car and where to place the jack stands.

Part II: This video covers removing the upper radiator hose, removing the air filter housing, a Kobalt Ratchet demo, and labeling of removed parts.

Part III: This video shows you how to remove the primary control module, remove the cooling fan, and a word about safety.

Part IV: This video covers removing the trans axle lines, separating the condenser bracket from the radiator, and removing the radiator.

Part V: This video shows you how to remove the power steering pump belt, jack up the engine, detach the engine support struts, and remove the engine mounting bolt.

Part VI: In this video I remove the power steering pump, discuss floor jack safety, show an alternate way to hold up the hood, and remove the power steering pump bracket.

Part VII: In this video I remove the Alternator belt and the spark plugs.

Part VIII: This video shows removing the damper pulley, using the Harbor Freight 3-jaw puller, and removing the outer timing belt cover.

Part IX: This video shows the steps for removing the timing belt. How to align the cam shaft marks, aligning the timing belt marks, removing the hydraulic tensioner for the timing belt, and preparing the hydraulic tensioner for re-installation.

Part X: This video covers removing the coil pack, remove PCV hoses, remove fuel injector cover, detach the fuel injector harness, remove the valve cover.

Part XI: This video shows how to remove the thermostat housing, disconnect the intake manifold, disconnect the fuel injector plugs, and remove the exhaust manifold shield.

Part XII: This video shows how to remove the exhaust manifold ground strap, support the exhaust system, remove the exhaust manifold sensor, and remove the exhaust manifold.

Part XIII: This video covers loosening the head bolts, removing the rear timing belt cover, removing the wire harness bracket, removing the thermostat coolant hose, and removing the coolant hard lines.

Part XIV: This video gives a view of the head and pistons, shows cleaning the head, Nylox bristle tool, checking warpage of the head, examining the top of the block, and cleaning the piston tops.

Part XV: This video covers cleaning the block and manifolds, removing intake manifold seals, cleaning and checking the intake manifold, installing new intake manifold seals, replacing the spark plug tube seals, and buying a new head.

Part XVI: In this video I remove from the old head the head temperature sensor, cam position sensor, and cam position target magnet. I then install those parts onto the new head.

Part XVII: This video covers removing the camshaft sprocket, installing the camshaft seal, and installing the camshaft sprocket.

Part XVIII: This video shows you how to replace the engine mount located on the passenger side.

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