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18590000 – Injector Removal Kit with Hydraulic Cylinder


Kit includes hydraulic cylinder for removing seized fuel injectors. Note: Pump not included (20017000)
– Hydraulic cylinder with 10 tonnes of force
– Hydraulic and Mechanical operation
– Suitable for the extraction of numerous models of diesel fuel injectors specifically: M17 x 1.0 for Bosch, M14 x 1.0 for Delphi, M16 x 1.0 for Toyota adaptor, M20 x 1.0 for Denso and M25 x 1.0 / M27 x 1.0 for Siemens
– This compact kit can be used directly on the engine – in-situ
– Can be used as a mechanical kit for the most confined spaces – i.e. against a bulkhead
– Can be used as a hydraulic kit for maximum power to help release
tightly seized injectors
– Easy to set up and adjustable supporting feet allow for angle and
position setting
– Main side and top bars allow for adaption onto various engine

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