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100 Ton Thin Type Hydraulic Oil Cylinder


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Features : To comply with the requirements of the parameters, not high overload . If you need a few hoisting jack , they should be correctly put, and use more diverter valve, per to have a balanced load. the manual pump fast connector dock with the jack, and then choose the right position, the oil drain screw tightening on the pump, it start work . Want to make the piston rod drop, to slightly unscrew the hand wheel counterclockwise direction, unloading cylinder, the is gradually decline, or falling too will produce risk . Parameter: Model Fpy1001 Color Yellow Power 100t Item Hydraulic Travel: 23mm Collapsed height 92mm Note: appropriate in acid and alkali, corrosive gases used in the workplace . Please do a good job of oil, and the maintenance of the machine . High-pressure tubing has been test by 105mpa(1050kgf/cm2) when out of factory . check about 3-6 months .test 87.5mpa(875kgf/cm2) , if some Blasting, bumps, leakage ,do it . Included: 1 Set of Thin Type (201030)

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