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DOLANG- Electro Pneumatic Trainer (Double Side) didactic equipment,education equipment


electro pneumatic training device is at the request of modern
pneumatic professional teaching experiment, according to “hydraulic and pneumatic transmission
“, “pneumatic control technology” “PLC technology”, etc., general teaching material contents
design. The system in addition to regular pneumatic basic control circuit experiment, still can be
simulate the pneumatic control technology application experiment, pneumatic technology
curriculum design, is the typical experiment equipment that the mechanical combine with
electrical perfectly.
Can meet the requirements of the school
·Meet the base and teaching training system of need of practical applications .
·Equipment structure is firm and has good stability
·Low noise operation
·layout clear and intriguing design
Shandong Dolang Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.


Why ER Tape?? – ER Tape Vs. Duct Tape & Electrical Tape


Allow me to introduce you to ER Tape. A revolutionary product created by Rowe Industries.
Emergency Repair Tape is the original and best self-fusing, silicone rubber repair tape with 101 uses.

ER Tape is easy-to-use, and can be used to fix or repair just about anything in your home.

It’s ideal for plumbing, electrical, automobile, and under-water applications.

You might ask, “How is it different from say… electrical tape or… duct tape?”

Well… ER Tape is made from a self-bonding silicone rubber.

Unlike these other tapes it creates a permanent watertight, air tight, and high-pressure seal… instantly.

It wraps easily over irregularly shaped objects, and forms to fit any surface.

And… it does all this without the use of sticky adhesives.

Unlike duct tape, Emergency Repair tape is impervious to Fuels, oils, Acids,

Solvents, Salt Water, UV Rays and more. It can be applied while under water, and if needed, is easily removed without leaving gummy residue on the surface.

ER Tape can be used to repair leaks in Radiator hoses, Fuel lines, hydraulic lines, air and water hoses.

And while most standard issue duct tapes begin leaking between 24 and 35 PSI, ER Tape boasts a 700 PSI tensile strength per layer.

When it comes to electrical applications, Emergency Repair tape can insulate up to 8000 volts per layer, while most Electric tape, only has the strength to stand up to an average of 1000 volts.

And at a extreme temperature range of -85° to 482° Fahrenheit, ER Tape outlasts both Electrical and Duct Tape.

ER Tape was originally designed for military use, and is still part of emergency battle field damage repair kits in all US Army Vehicles and Tanks.

It flexes like rubber and holds like steel. And again… all with no sticky adhesive or residue.

To use, simply stretch and wrap. It cures in 24 hours at room temperature; or faster with added heat. And in seconds, you have a Water-tight, Water-resistant, Weather proof seal.

The application for ER Tape is only limited by your imagination.
Don’t be caught repairing your home without it.

Visit to get yours today.


Estimator4U on Construction TV

 Free-Report-Banner_01 as showcased on the television show Construction TV. Filmed on-location at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. by Hydraulic Repair Estimator provides instant Quotes, Prices and Estimates for hydraulic repair, including the costs for Hydraulic Pump repair, Hydraulic Motor repair, Hydraulic Cylinder repair and Hydraulic Hose repair. The Customer receives a General Price Range along with a Low, Median, and Upper Range with detail of work to be performed at each level of hydraulic repair.




• Configurations:6×32-4×24-4×32;
• Multi-wire system;
• Processable hose diameters: from ¼” inches up to 4 inches;
• Maximum speed: 120 rpm;
• Maximum speed line 10 m/min
• Acceleration/deceleration ramp 10 s
• Haul off: pulling force up to 6000 kg;
• Automatic haul off opening and closing;
• Electronic axis control;


Ship crane hydraulic pumps and motors Batam Indonesia by


New hydraulic pumps and motors
Hydraulic motors
Hydraulic pumps
Rotary Groups
Seals Valves
Valve blocks

Hydraulic pump and motor refurbishments

Hydraulic pumps and motors can be repaired and refurbished.
State of the art hydraulic workshop
Only genuine parts are used
Units are tested to Manufacturers specifications
Units are supplied with warranty

Hydraulic testbed

The installed power of the pump test stand exceeds that required to test the largest hydraulic piston pumps manufactured to date. The unique 2 station system is fully independent and can test open and closed circuit pumps and motors, sizes ranging from 12cc-rev to 1000cc-rev of pressures up to 450bar.

The master control panel collates all the test information required via a 32 channel data acquisition system. The instrumentation system records 7 flows up to 100°C, 2 speeds up to 4000 rpm. 1 drive for Electro hydraulic pump controls, 1 power output in HP-KW and time. We can provide hard copy graphical test reports, showing overall performance and efficiencies.

Pump controls can be set to your specifications no matter how complex, including; horsepower regulated, load sensing, pressure compensated etc.

Hydraulic motor testbed

The motor test stand is based upon a hydrostatic dynamometer and is capable of testing units up to 250cc-rev or 1800Nm. The instrumentation on this stand includes flow, pressure, temperature, speed and output torque, combined with data recording equipment.

Hydraulic valve test rig

All hydraulic valve types can be tested and set to your specification on the valve test stand including electro-proportional, flapper-servo, electrical solenoid, hydraulic pilot, pneumatic and manual operation. The test rig has the mounting plates for all popular sizes ISO, DIN. And CETOP standards, for both directional and relief-reducing valve types.

Hydraulic pump and motor service exchange program

Alatas offers a range of service exchange hydraulic pumps and motors, which are fully tested and ready to be dispatched. The bulk of service exchange units, usually represent the older designs and specifications that are more difficult to source than the current day generation.

The service exchange programme relies on the return of the original unit, with serviceable cast housings, therefore allowing the programme to continue. We are also technically capable of updating your old out of date equipment with new versions from the same manufacturer of supply cost effective replacements.

Hydraulic pump and motor manufacturers covered
Hydraulic Ring
Hydrostatic Transmissions
Mannesmann Rexroth
Parker Hannifin
Permco Pleiger
Sauer Danfoss
Sauer Sundstrand
Van Roll
Vickers Vane

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hydraulic systems

 Free-Report-Banner_01 hydro pneumatic system Hydro Pneumatic Set of connections – We application with the plan of marketplace hydro pneumatic set of contacts, hydraulic pneumatic interact, hydro pneumatic equipments, hydraulic pneumatic equipments, … Contact american – National Pneumatic Systems Hydro Pneumatic Set of contacts – We tend just before bid with the intention of market hydro pneumatic arrangement, hydraulic … National Pneumatic Systems Mr. Sandeep Baniya No. 10, Dewan & Shah Industrial Est No. 4, Navaghar Lane, Near Onida Company, Vasai Thane, Maharashtra – 401 202, India.
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