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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Springfield MO – Yarbrough Industries Expert Interview

In this expert interview, Tod Pearson of Yarbrough Industries Springfield MO answers questions about hydraulic cylinders. He shares his expertise on the following topics:

1) What’s the most common reason that a hydraulic cylinder needs repair?
2) What do most people not know about repairing a hydraulic cylinder?
3) What can go wrong if a hydraulic cylinder is not repaired correctly?
4) How does Yarbrough ensure that every hydraulic cylinder repair is done correctly?

Yarbrough Industries repairs hydraulic equipment (including cylinders, valves, pumps, jacks, hammers, rams, lines, motors and hoses) in SW Missouri. Located in Springfield MO, Yarbrough Industries provides repair services to the following communities:

West – Joplin, Webb City, Carthage Neosho and Monett
East – Rolla, Lebanon, Marshfield, Mountain Grove and West Plains
South – Republic, Nixa, Ozark, Garrison and Branson

Yarbrough Industries
514 N. Fremont Ave.
Springfield MO 65802
(417) 869-5344

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Video Transcript:

What’s the most common reason that a hydraulic cylinder would need to be repaired?

On a hydraulic cylinder usually the customer finds out they won’t hold a load anymore, or they start leaking, or they have a bent rod. It’s often obvious where you can see that the rod is bent in them. That’s the most common reason a cylinder is brought in.

What do most people not know about repairing a hydraulic cylinder?

That the tolerances but be very tight or the cylinder will not hold. If they have too much wear inside of them, even putting new seals in it, won’t fix it if too much of the metal has worn on the inside. But, he’s the good thing is we can machine and make just about any part for any cylinder, sp if its got broken or worn parts, its no problem, we can repair them or make new ones.

What can go wrong if the hydraulic cylinder is not repaired correctly?

If the cylinders aren’t repaired correctly they will still leak — or we say they won’t hold or they bleed down. Basically if they try to lift a load, the load will actually start drifting back down because we didn’t get a tight-enough fit on the new seal and the tolerances of the steel and the seal inside of it are not right — which can actually be a safety issue/safety problem. Or, we’ve even seen them done by other companies where when they rebuilt them. They put them back together and didn’t get them back together right, and they actually can blow the cylinder apart. And of course that means bad failure, whenever that happens.

How does Yarbrough ensure that every hydraulic cylinder repair is done correctly?

Well after we do the complete rebuild, we pressure test each cylinder to make sure that it extends and retracts as it is supposed to and that it does not leak. We put it under pressure to test it. We do a bubble test on it as well, we actually use a compound that’s almost like a soapy compound that will bubble if there is any minor, tiny leak of some sort; it will bubble on us so we’ll know if the cylinder is sealed properly or not.


Hydraquip’s Hydraulic On Site Hose Repair in Essex

Hydraquip Hose & Hydraulics opened its branch in Purfleet Essex in 2012 to meet the growing demand in the area. Recognising the opportunity Hydraquip were quick to put a strategy in place, along with an experienced team to develop the growth. A number of hydraulic engineers were quick to leave Pirtek in the past, and join the fastest growing independent hydraulic hose company in the UK, Hydraquip.

Branch manager Darren Kerridge talks of how he joined Hydraquip in Strood as a Trade Counter Assistant, two and half years later progressed on to becoming Purfleet’s branch manager.

As well as opening the branch, Hydraquip grew its network of hydraulic engineers in the Essex & London area to support it’s On Site National Hydraulic Hose Repair team. Hydraquip operate a fleet of fully equipped satellite tracked mobile workshops capable of manufacturing up to 2″ bore hydraulic hose assemblies on site.

24/7 National UK Coverage
Honest & realistic 1hr response times with updates of any delays
Satellite tracked vans
99% first time repairs
Licensed for hose disposal
Contact pricing for large or national filets
Qualified and trained engineers

Hydraquip have 12 locations in the UK plus 68 on site Mobile Hydraulic Hose and Engineering service vans. Since 2008 Hydraquip has significantly expanded its business with new Locations in Blaydon, Grimsby, Bolton, Purfleet, Redhill, Rochester, Newton Aycliffe and Hartlepool. Hydraquip has ambitious expansion plans to continue the journey and very soon will be opening further locations.


Trunnion mount for hydraulic cylinder

This is my first true fully edited video. Its a video I made from several hours of machine work and many short videos I made using my Gopro Hero 3 camera. Im still learning how to use the software so I know its not perfect, but hopefully I’ll get better with more practice. The video is about a trunnion mount a machined from start to finish, hopfully showing the steps it takes to build the part. This is a 5 minute clip into my daily work life.


Hydraulic Ram Pump

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Seth is building and testing his very first hydraulic ram pump. see his build and watch it start to pump water up to about 15 feet.

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Hydraulic Hose – How To Make an Assembly

How to make an Hydraulic Hose Assembly – A simple guide on how to manufacture an hydraulic hose assembly/repair by Apex Fluid Power Ltd.

This applies for all hydraulic hose types including multi spiral, 4 wire, 2 wire, braided, as well as thermoplastic and applies to all manufacturers hose and fittings such as Parker and Gates.

If you are unsure of anything, please contact us – we are always happy to help.

For more information on Thread Identification:

At Apex Fluid Power we supply a huge range of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, including hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings, swaging machines, rotary swivels, test equipment and much more.

Visit for further information and to buy on-line today or you can call us on 01228 511157.


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